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Nursery Home Learning - 

In the event of a school closure, you can contact your child's class teacher via email. This could be to share some work with them, to ask a question or for anything else we can help with. 

Mrs Sutherden - andrea.sutherden@salford.gov.uk

Mrs Gee - helen.gee@salford.gov.uk 

 Activity Ideas

  • Practise writing own name, forming letters accurately and holding pencil correctly.
  • Forming numbers 1-5
  • Playing I spy.. something beginning with?
  • Practise using scissors to develop cutting skills
  • Use play doh to develop fine motor skills - https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=dough+disco There are lots of videos to choose from but always watch them before sharing with your child! 
  • Read/share stories with your child
  • Go on a scavenger hunt- looking for things that are rough, smooth, yellow, round, long, soft etc.
  • Draw pictures of plants in the environment. Can the children find the name of the plant?

Phonics Ideas

Social and Emotional Activity Ideas