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What does Computing look like at Irlam Primary School?

Computing can be hands on, it can breed resilience. It develops problem solving skills, and it opens a student’s eyes to the digital world. This can engage, enthuse and inspire a real spark in students.

The society and world that is developing in front of us is increasingly reliant on humans being comfortable with the use and understanding of computers. Not every single person will work in a related field but it can be argued they will be in contact with someone that is. If we do not teach young people to be digitally literate, and prepared for the future, then society will suffer.

Having a deeper understanding of computing and computational thinking will allow students to be better equipped in tackling mathematical, scientific or engineering based problems. Indeed, all STEM-based subjects can benefit from computing knowledge, and lead to improved outcomes for pupils.

Useful Documents

 Computing Progression Document EYFS - Year 6.pdfDownload
 Long term plan - computing 2021.docxDownload
 Significant and Inspirational People in Computer History.pdfDownload
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