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Online Safety

Read below to find out how to stay safe online!

Click on the images below to have fun whilst learning how to stay safe online!

Choose an age range but remember the older the age range the trickier it gets!

Help Jessie and her friends make the right decisions and collect badges along the way!

Play Band Runner and collect stars to learn about how to stay safe online.

Lots of information for older pupils!

Watch cartoons about how to stay safe online!

Play games and take part in quizzes!

Welcome to the Carnegie Cyber Academy, the most prestigious cyber defense training facility in the world. My name is Commander Omni. I am the school's dean.

At the Academy, we train our cadets in online safety so that they can protect themselves and others from the attacks of malicious Cyber Villains. The Internet is a growing part of our daily lives. It is my hope that future generations will be able to continue exploring Cyberspace in a safe and secure way.