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What does French look like at Irlam Primary School?


At Irlam Primary, we believe that learning another language is important for us to become Inspired Enquirers. It can help us to understand the world around us, encourage understanding of others’ cultures and also help us to observe patterns in our own language.  We use many methods of learning language including karaoke songs, games and other activities. We focus mainly on speaking and listening in Year 3 and 4, whilst Years 5 and 6 begin to read and write more in French.

French is a globally spoken language and has many links to our own language. Learning another language can help our pupils develop skills for the future and open up further opportunities. It is also the language taught at our local secondary school and gives our pupils a great foundation into further language learning.

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Home Access Information

We have very recently trialled a new language scheme which we loved! It is called Language Angels and we have made the decision to use this scheme. It provides a fantastic Home Schooling page which gives children the access to all of the powerpoints that we use to teach as well as the karaoke videos and games. This will enable the children to take more responsibility for their own language learning, as practise in languages is key to success!

Access to this home schooling area can be found on:

Usernames and passwords have been emailed to all parents (please contact the school if you have not received this).