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Maths websites for all ages!




Nursery and Reception - Maths and phonics games plus other interactive activities, suitable for Nursery and Reception - counting games for Nursery and Reception


Timestables Y1 - 6 - practise times tables and number bonds for Years 1-6 - timetables practice – all children Y2-6 have a log on for this.

Maths Games/activities - Maths activities for all ages Reception to Year 13 –  Can access as a guest. - interactive and downloadable resources for Years 1 - 6 - Maths challenges for Year 1 – 6, some great SATs work. - Be A Mathematician – lots of Maths games and challenges to download for ages 5-14 - live lessons and resources for KS2 children and ideas for activities and games for younger children for maths


Key Stage 2 - lots of interactive maths games, suitable for all year groups - downloadable worksheets to print in all areas of Maths – suitable for Year s 2-6‚Äč - 5 a day maths questions, plus videos and worksheets on most areas of maths – suitable for Years 3 - 6 - Maths game, free accounts available. Suitable for Key Stage 2. - Maths games and resources for all year groups


The document below contains links to lots of websites and Apps to support all aspects of home learning!