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What does maths look like at Irlam Primary School ?


Maths at Irlam Primary supports children to become fluent in the fundamentals of maths. They develop a thorough understanding of the concepts taught along with the ability to recall and apply their knowledge and skills rapidly and accurately.  Children will reason mathematically, investigate their ideas to create generalisations and use their continually developing mathematical language to justify and share their findings.  Children will also solve problems by applying their mathematical skills and knowledge to a variety of problems.  In doing this, children make rich connections between different areas of maths and are able to apply their skills and knowledge to other curriculum areas such a science.  Their learning in school is explored in real-life situations showing the essential nature of maths in the world.

Progression Documents

 Addition and Subtraction Progression.docxDownload
 Algebra Progression.docxDownload
 Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Progression.docxDownload
 Geometry and Properties of Shape Progression.docxDownload
 Geometry, Position and Direction Progression.docxDownload
 Measurement Progression.docxDownload
 Multiplication and Division Progression.docxDownload
 Number and Place Value Progression.docxDownload
 Ratio and Proportion Progression.docxDownload
 Statistics Progression.docxDownload
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