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Irlam Primary School


  1. Year 2 -27/01 - 02/02

Week 3 - 27/01 - 02/02

Where there is a Powerpoint Presentation or mention of a worksheet, these can be accessed by scrolling down to the relevant subject. Most PowerPoints have been recorded as videos with teaching included. Where there are links to other websites, these can be accessed by clicking on the link on the timetable ONCE YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED IT. You also have your workbooks! If accessing the site from a phone, please check the dates on the work as the order can sometimes change.

Maths - There is a video which accompanies each lesson. To access the video click on the links which are on the timetable where all of the videos are available. Worksheets can be edited (on some devices) by clicking on Fill and Sign tools and then clicking on 'add text', they can be printed and worked on or completed by the children working from the screen and recording their answers on paper. 

Wednesday 27/01

Tuesday 02/02

English -Reading, Writing and Phonics

Wednesday 27th - Spelling, Phonics and Handwriting

Phase 5 Tricky Words

 Ascender and Descender Activity Sheet Continuous Cursive.pdfDownload
 Precursive Handwriting Practice Sheet week 4.pdfDownload
 Word Search week 4.pdfDownload
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Thursday 28/01 - Conjunctions Lesson 1

 Activity Sheet Co-ordinating Conjunctions.pdfDownload
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Friday 29/01 - Drama and Story Telling  Lesson 2

Watch the story again.

 Story pictures for week 4.docxDownload
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Tuesday 02/02 - Lesson

 Basic Needs.pdfDownload
 Pet Care Fact Sheets.pdfDownload
 Pet Fact File.pdfDownload
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Geography -  28/01

 Up Above or From the Ground photographs.pdfDownload
 Viewing from Above Activity Sheet to write on.pdfDownload
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