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Irlam Primary School


  1. Year 1 Home Learning for 20/01 - 26/01

Year 1 Home Learning for Wednesday 20/01 - Tuesday 26/01

Where there is a Powerpoint Presentation or mention of a worksheet, these can be accessed by scrolling down to the relevant subject. Where there are links to other websites, these can be accessed by clicking on the link on the timetable ONCE YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED IT. The timetable will also be sent out via email. You also have your workbooks and access to Numbots /Reading Planet! If accessing the site from a phone, please check the dates on the work as the order can sometimes change. You can click here to watch an assembly each day. You can click here to go to the P.E activity page.

Here are some additional activties

The National Marine Aquarium is hosting 'Mermaid Tales' each Friday at 1.30pm...Marina the Mermaid will read a short story. Go to and look in the home-learning section.

 Look at the Internet Safety PowerPoint 'The Adventures of Smartie the Penguin' to think about some of the ways to stay safe online. Watch the video Think about what Smartie and her friends say when you are playing online with your friends.


Wednesday 20/01

Monday 25/01

Thursday 21/01

Tuesday 26/01

Friday 22/01

Activities to help learn and practise number bonds!

Number bonds song: Farmer Pete HD CMP - YouTube

Number bonds game: Save The Whale: Learn bonds of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 or 5 (


Wednesday 20/01


Can you try the activity that goes with the clip?

Challenge:  Can you spot the ‘ee’ words in ‘The Bee Tree’ Phoneme Spotter story?

Thursday 21/01

Make a list of all of the ea words in the comic.

Next, watch Alphablocks:

Challenge:  Can you use the comic template to make your own page from a comic using ‘ea’ words?

Friday 21/01

Read the story of Oakley the Toad - Can you either circle or write down the ‘oa’ words?

Challenge:  Can you complete the ‘oa’wordsearch? If you can't print it just find the words and try writing them in different colours!

 Oakley the Toad.pdfDownload
 oa Wordsearch.pdfDownload
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Monday 25/01

Once you have tried to read all of the words on the PowerPoint complete the ‘Colour by Phoneme’ worksheet and colour all of the words that have ‘oe’ in them. If you can't print it, draw and colour the 'oe' words!

Challenge:  Can you read the ‘oe’ Real and Nonsense words flashcards?

 oe Quick Read PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 oe Colour by Phoneme.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 26/01


Using Oxford Owls, log in with:
User name: 1myear1
Password:    1MIrlamPrimary
Read the following books: Sam Needs Feeding and Frog or Toad?
Challenge:  Have a go at reading Tom Thumb and the Football Team.


English - Writing 

See the timetable for details of Monday 25/01 and Tuesday 26/01 Activities

Wednesday 20/01

Retell the story to somebody in your house?  You can use the pictures in the resources to help you!

Now write two or three words to explain what is happening in each picture?

Thursday 21/01

Look at yesterday's pictures again. Think of and draw another animal that might frighten the dinosaur away? 

Write a sentence saying what your animal looks like.  Use the word ‘because’ to say why it would be able to scare the dinosaur away?

Friday 22/01

Now look at the picture of 'The House that Jack Built'. Try to retell the story getting it in the right order? Add actions whilst you’re doing it. Try to use the same repeating patterns!

Afternoon lessons - Wednesday, Thursday and Tuesday activities can be found below. For Friday and Monday, see the timetable.

Science -Wednesday 20/01

 Animals All Around Information Book.exeDownload
 Comparing Animals Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
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Geography - Thursday 21/01

R.E with Miss Smith- Tuesday 26/01

Extra Challenge! and try the Hand-Eye coordination challenges!

Stories and PSHE Activities

PSHE - Activity 1 - Body Bingo

Our body needs five things, every day, to keep it healthy:

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Oxygen (in the air we breathe)
  4. Exercise
  5. Sleep and rest

Play the Body Bingo game to create a healthy person.

If you don't have a printer, just draw the Body Bingo boards (page 2) and use a dice - give each number one of the 5 healthy things, e.g. 1 = Food, 2 = Water etc. And 6 = A Healthy Person. You have to roll a 6 to start! Use coins for counters!

P.E. Challenges - Have a go at one of these each day, they can be done in any order!