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Irlam Primary School


  1. Year 5 10/02 - 12/02

Year 5 Home Learning for 10/02 - 12/02 2021

The links, videos and worksheets for each lesson can found below the timetable. Assemblies can be found here - try to watch one each day. The Daily Challenges can be found here. For the other extra activities, you can choose between TT Rockstars, Reading Planet and your Workbooks. If you need anything printing, please let us know. Details for the Lowry Live Lesson can be found below.


Maths - For each day, there is a Reasoning Starter which includes a video and follow up activity to download. For the main part of the lesson, there is a video lesson and a worksheet to download.  The Worksheets can be printed, worked from on screen or edited on the screen using the 'Fill and Sign' tools. 

Wednesday 10/02

Reasoning Starter 

Why Rounding? -

Main Part of Lesson

Area of Rectangles -

 1. STARTER Why Rounding.pdfDownload
 1. Area of Rectangles.pdfDownload
 1. Area of Rectangles Answers.pdfDownload
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Thursday 11/02 

Main Part of Lesson

Area of Compound Shapes -

 2. STARTER First Negative.pdfDownload
 2. Area of Compound Shapes.pdfDownload
 2. Area of Compound Shapes ANSWERS.pdfDownload
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Friday 12/02

Main Part of Lesson

Area of Irregular Shapes -



 3. Area of Irregular Shapes.pdfDownload
 3. Area of Irregular Shapes ANSWERS.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 10th February

Resources for Wednesday 10th February

Thursday 11th February

Lowry Live Lesson @ 9.30am

Drama & Creative Writing Activities

Today, we have a special treat to end our half term (almost). “Stage Directions” are delivering a live lesson for us all about Drama, Creative Writing amongst lots of other things. You will need a pen, pencil, ruler, colours (if you have them!) and space to move around! Click on the image below to open the Webinar ready for 9.30am. Don’t worry, you don’t need a camera or microphone but you can get involved by appropriately using the chat function when advised. Enjoy and let us know how you found the session!

Lesson 3 - 

To access the lesson click on the link or watch the accompanying video.

Science - Wednesday 10/02

Which factors affect an object’s ability to float?

In this lesson, we will be discussing upthrust (or buoyancy) in more detail. We will discuss what density is and how it affects floating. We will also discuss the link between weight and upthrust. Finally, we will make some predictions which we will test.

 Science Worksheet.pdfDownload
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P.E - Thursday 11/02

EdStart Weekly Challenge

Every week, you will be given different challenges to complete across the week. For today, practise each skill at home and record how many you can do. Your challenge is to improve and find your personal best scores for each skill before next week's challenge where we will ask for your (honest!) scores before the next challenges. Today's challenges are all about speed and reaction time. Here's John to explain!


P.E - Thursday 11/02


History - Friday 12th February


What did the Greeks believe?

In this lesson, we will explore the religious beliefs of the Ancient Greeks.

Art - Friday 12th February

Part 1

 Build a Bird Instructions.docxDownload
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Art - Friday 12th February

Part 2

Some Photographs showing the stages and some finished birds.