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Year 6 Home Learning

All of our parents can now access Twinkl which has loads of resources,ideas, advice and support for home learning!

Go to www.twinkl.co.uk/offer 

Create an account using offer code UKTWINKLHELPS

You should then be able to access everything, including some home learning packs for each year group at www.twinkl.co.uk/search?term=school+closure!

Y5/6 Projects - these are amazing and have loads of ideas!

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Activity ideas

KS2 English 10 minute weekly Workout Book ( Homework Book)  -  complete 1 workout per day.

KS2 Maths 10 minute weekly Workout Book ( Homework Book)  -  complete 1 workout per day.

Read your school reading book and when completed write a book review or a profile about one of the characters.

Pupils will be given some SAT’s style papers to complete at home.

Links to websites

All Year 6 pupils are registered on  SATs Bootcamp and have their own username and password written in their reading record diaries. Usernames begin with 5570- followed by names and an individual number. Staff will be able to check that pupils are completing revision activities and past papers. Try to do at least an hour every day.

Twinkl has a range of activities on the home learning  Interactive Learning Links for Year 6 school closure page.

TOPMARKS is a website with a range of English and maths activities.

Duolingo – pupils have individual passwords.

Times Table Rockstars – pupils have individual passwords.

Key Knowledge / Facts

In the Summer term our history topic is Ancient Egyptians. Prior to this pupils could create a fact-file, folder or power point about Egypt. This would be about Modern Day and include the geography of the country, currency, rivers, population, main towns and cities, food, culture, religion and education.