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Year 3 Home Learning

All of our parents can now access Twinkl which has loads of resources,ideas, advice and support for home learning!

Go to www.twinkl.co.uk/offer 

Create an account using offer code UKTWINKLHELPS

You should then be able to access everything, including some home learning packs for each year group at www.twinkl.co.uk/search?term=school+closure!

Year 3/4 Projects - these are amazing and have loads of ideas!

Week 1 – View Here
Week 2 – View Here
Week 3 – View Here
Week 4 – View Here
Week 5 – View Here
Week 6 – View Here
Week 7 – View Here


Read a new book. Can you rewrite it in your own words and make it even better?

Remember to use fronted adverbials, speech (remember the speech marks), powerful verbs and the past tense!

Design your own front cover and write a blurb to summarise your story and make a reader interested in reading on!

Can you make up some questions about your story for a friend or family member to answer?


  • Practise your money skills!



  • Times tables – how many can you get in the time allocated? Can you beat your own score?



  • Play a variety of times tables, number bonds, doubles and halves



  • Learn how to tell the time to 1 minute on an analogue AND digital clock!



  • Design a Roman Numerals clock.


  • Use topmarks or another maths games site to practise your addition and subtraction, multiplication and division skills!

Spelling Activities - These can be viewed on the screen and completed in the book or downloaded and printed.



Reading Comprehensions -These can be viewed on the screen and completed in the book or downloaded and printed.












We are currently learning about the life cycle and parts of a flowering plant. Here are some videos to support learning:


Can you dissect a plant and find all of the parts that the flower needs to make seeds?

Which part do you think is most important? Can you give your reasons?


French - The activities can be viewed online and completed in the exercise book or downloaded and printed.

 Spelling Week 1
 Spelling Week 2
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