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Irlam Primary School


  1. Year 5 03/02 - 09/02

Year 5 Home Learning for 03/02 - 09/02 2021

The links, videos and worksheets for each lesson can found below the timetable. Assemblies can be found here - try to watch one each day. The Daily Challenges can be found here. For the other extra activities, you can choose between TT Rockstars, Reading Planet and your Workbooks. If you need anything printing, please let us know. Details for the BBC Live Lesson can be found below.


Maths - For days 1-4 there is a Reasoning Starter which includes a video and follow up activity to download. For the main part of the lesson, there is a video lesson and a worksheet to download.  The Worksheets can be printed, worked from on screen or edited on the screen using the 'Fill and Sign' tools. Day 5 is a Reasoning/Problem Solving Day. If you are accessing the website from a phone, check that you are doing the work in the correct order as it sometimes mixes them up.

Wednesday 03/02

Reasoning Starter 

Building Thousands -

Main Part of Lesson

Perimeter of Rectilinear Shapes -

 1. STARTER Building Thousands.pdfDownload
 1. Perimeter of Rectilinear Shapes.pdfDownload
 1. Perimeter of Rectilinear Shapes Answers.pdfDownload
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Monday 08/02

Reasoning Starter   

 First Negative -

Thursday 04/02 

Reasoning Starter  

Sum of the Digits -

Main Part of Lesson

Calculate Perimeter - 

 2. STARTER Sum of the Digits.pdfDownload
 2. Calculate Perimeter.pdfDownload
 2. Calculate Perimeter Answers.pdfDownload
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 Luca's New Shoes.pdfDownload
 Roman's Marble Shop.pdfDownload
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Friday 05/02

Reasoning Starter  

Number Detective -

Main Part of Lesson

Counting Squares -

 3. STARTER Number Detective.pdfDownload
 3. Counting Squares.pdfDownload
 3. Counting Squares Answers.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 3rd February

Click here for Lesson 1 - Back Stories


Friday 5th February

 Handwriting Practice.pdfDownload
 Homophones 1 Presentation.pptDownload
 Look Say Cover Write and Check Activity.pdfDownload
 Spelling Board Game.pdfDownload
 Spellings Info.docxDownload
 Spellings Poster.pdfDownload
 Word Search.pdfDownload
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Lesson 3 - PM 

To access the lesson click on the link or watch the accompanying video.

Science - Wednesday 03/02

What are non-contact forces?

In this lesson, we will recap the definition of non-contact forces. We will also investigate gravity and gravitational force and learn about Galileo by completing an investigation. Finally, we will learn about magnetic force, including some uses for magnets.

 Science Worksheets.pdfDownload
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Art - Thursday 04/02

Drawing a Robin

In this lesson, you will listen to the video of British Bird Songs, looking closely at each bird. Next, you will watch how to draw a robin step-by-step and have a go yourself, blending colours carefully. If you don’t have colours, try to change your shading with your pencil.

15 Birds and Bird Songs For Beginners -

How to Draw a Robin -

PSHE - Friday 5th February

 Talking Circle Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
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P.E - Monday 08/02

EdStart Weekly Challenge

Every week, you will be given different challenges to complete across the week. For today, practise each skill at home and record how many you can do. Your challenge is to improve and find your personal best scores for each skill before next week's challenge where we will ask for your (honest!) scores before the next challenges. Today's challenges are all about agility and balance Here's John to explain!

Computing - Tuesday 09/02

Safer Internet Day

Follow the link to watch the BBC Live Lesson marking today as Safer Internet Day, coordinated by the UK Safer Internet Centre. The lesson will teach us how we can stay safe and how we can be responsible and wise in an increasingly digital world, with tips and advice from some of the biggest personalities on the web.

The live lesson begins at 11am (Tue 9th Feb) and is available at

Please download the attached sheet to work through during the lesson. You can print this or use the guide to write your answers down. Be sure to let them know you are watching at home and you are in Year 5 at Irlam Primary. You can email them at


History - Tuesday 09/02

What was Athenian democracy?

In this lesson, we will learn about the development of democracy in Athens, exploring the impact this had on the city's development, and how it became an enduring legacy of Ancient Greece to the rest of the world.