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Year 1 - Home Learning

In the event of a school closure, you can contact your child's teacher via email. This could be to submit to them, ask a questions or for anything else we can help with:

Mrs Musgrove - lisa.musgrove@salford.gov.uk

Miss Tomlinson - s.tomlinson@salford.gov.uk 

Don't forget that as well as the activities on week 1 there is our online Reading Scheme and Numbots for Maths. The links for these can be found here https://www.irlamprimaryschool.co.uk/test/home-learning-information 


1) Choose an animal - Can you find 10 facts about it? Draw it and describe what it looks like.

2) Find out the name of 10 plants, flowers or trees that you might have in your garden. Design your own garden.

3)Design a healthy plate of food.

4)Make a food diary for 2 weeks.

5)Revise your number bonds by watching  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pd2zVDrGHoc  and singing the song at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ch7KzI3n2Zk

6)Can you write your number bonds to 10? Now try number bonds to 20!

7)Write the number 0-20. Now write each number in words.

8) Practise writing and ordering the days of the week.

9) Choose a book to read. Write about what happens. Draw a picture. What was your favourite part?